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Come one, come all, it’s Trainwreck Cabaret, San Francisco’s most unusual variety show. From the stage of the Dark Room Theater in the Mission District, Trainwreck captures the old-world charm of vaudeville with a dark, new-world twist. It’s weird and wild, sexy and sublime, hairy and hilarious, a showcase for the independent side of our City’s creative underground. Now in our second year, Trainwreck’s growing troupe of talented performers includes comedians, magicians, puppeteers, musicians, singers, burlesque dancers and more.

Why Trainwreck? It sometimes is! And it’s always entertaining. We ask our performers to go out on a limb and grasp the unusual fruit, take a chance, and create something wonderful. Spend an unforgettable evening with us and witness the oddities, laugh at the geeks, swoon for the dancers and swing with the singers. There is truly nothing like it!

The Dark Room Theater
2263 Mission St View Map
Saturday, April 5th, 10pm, $20


Our Cast

Francine Dead Brian Fields Hernan Cortez Don't Watch This Show Live Sydney Sin and the Undead Eloisa Bravo Jason Gitlin Elyse Elaine
Samantha Stevens Burlesque Dancer
Don't Watch This Show Live Sketch Troupe Don’t Watch This Show LIVE! presents a unique format of sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy in their monthly show at Stage Werx Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District. Voted “Best Comedic Variety Show – 2013” by SF Weekly, DWTS LIVE! features an ensemble of local comedians who write and perform a completely new show every month. DWTS LIVE! was founded in 2012 by Bert DiVietri and Ryan Cronin, and features Matt Rath, Seamus Calder, Parker Nevin, and Nick Palm. DWTS LIVE! was selected to perform in two shows for SF Sketchfest 2013, with special guest comedian Brody Stevens acting in sketches with the group and was a headlining act in SF Sketchfest 2014.
Elyse Elaine Burlesque Dancer Elyse Elaine is the ultimate jackass of all trades. She comes from Oklahoma and travels the world in a school bus she made her home. A lover of marijuana, masturbation, and antics of all kinds, this bendy little southern peach is sure to weird you out in all the right ways.
Holli Would Burlesque Dancer Holli Would is the ultimate jackass of all trades. She comes from Oklahoma and travels the world in a school bus she made her home. A lover of marijuana, masturbation, and antics of all kinds, this bendy little southern peach is sure to weird you out in all the right ways.
Bunny Pistol Burlesque Dancer Bunny Pistol was born with a fierce appetite for the stage. She has grown to devour burlesque and has blown away audiences throughout the world. She has been twirling tassels since 2006 and has captivated audiences all over the US and most of Europe. She was a finalist for the Miss Viva Las Vegas Competition in 2008. She has performed in other major shows such as The Burlesque Hall of Fame, Paris Burlesque Festival, London Burlesque Festival, and Tease O’ Rama. She is the producer of her own show, Barbary Coast Burlesque at world famous Yoshi’s in San Francisco.
Ruby Vixen Burlesque Dancer "She's all out for kicks and every inch of her spells excitment! This sassy spitfire for hire has been entertaining audiences all over the Bay since 2007. She's performed with Red Hots Burlesque, The Diamond Daggers, Debauchery, Seduction Feroce, The Thrillpeddlers, The Whoa Nellies, Burlesque Moulin, and the 'country-lesque sensation 'The Juggs'. With her unique combination of sass, style, and queer camp sensibilities, this dancing, singing, all sparkle all the time Vixen is sure to set your heart on fire!"
Dan St. Paul Comedian After a seven-year stint of headlining San Francisco clubs in the comedy duo Murphy-St.Paul, Dan launched out on his own with a solo act that was to land him in the finals of the nation's toughest comedy competition, The San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition.

Soon after, Dan moved to Los Angeles and appeared on several episodes of "An Evening at the Improv", plus numerous shows on VH-1, MTV, and Comedy Central. Since then, he has opened for such superstars as Jerry Seinfeld, Natalie Cole, Dwight Yoakum, Smokey Robinson, and Vince Gill. In a testament to the class of his act, Dan even opened for the San Francisco Symphony ("These guys are great! I knew them back when they were just a garage band.") .

He appeared in the movie "Flubber" with Robin Williams, and signed a recording deal with MCA records. His CD, "Natural and Good for You" contains one the most requested comedy pieces on radio, "The First Baseball Game". He also is the star of his own one-man play, "Outer Mission, Middle Class - The Comic Diary of an Immigrant's Son".

The Los Angeles Theater and Entertainment Review said about Dan, "Combining a sharp, clean wit with an outstanding talent for creating characters, Dan's show appeals to audiences of all ages...what sets Dan apart is that he doesn't just tell jokes, but rather creates a series of comedic events."
Keith Boudreau Magician Keith Boudreau was interested in magic as a child and studied it for many years. Eventually he became dissatisfied with the presentation of misdirection and sleight of hand as mere mental amusements, and longed to reconnect the art form with its forgotten ancient roots. He created "The Mysterium", a wild and delightful celebration of the supernatural. The Mysterium puts the wonder and mystery back into the performance of magic. It's about sharing an unforgettable experience that leaves everyone with the sense that they've been a part of something very special.
Mercy Beaucoup Burlesque Dancer The explosive Mercy Beaucoup, Dynamo of Bump and Grind.

“Nothing emboldens sin so much as MERCY.” William Shakespeare

“I have always found that MERCY bears richer fruits than strict justice.” Abraham Lincoln.

Mercy Beaucoup first discovered the lure of the stage through music. A trained classical pianist from the age of 5, she studied with the renowned Francis Angelo at Ethel Walker School in Connecticut.

Continuing the pursuit of her love for all things art, she acquired her Masters Degree in Art History from CSUS.

Burlesque, however, was in her blood. Mercy hails from a line of performers. Her grandfather was a comedian. Her grandmother was a classic burlesque dancer in Dublin, Ireland. Even her mother was a burlesque showgirl in Las Vegas.

It was only a matter of time before she too, made her way to burlesque.

Possessing a deep adoration for the classic golden era of burlesque, Mercy Beaucoup brings to the stage the art of the strip TEASE, engaging her audience with every move. Her larger-than-life dance style, coupled with her very approachable, playful nature has quickly made her a favorite among show-goers.

She has graced stages from Miami to California, most recently with the Hubba Hubba Revue in San Francisco and Romantasy Cabaret in Phoenix. She was Stage Kitten for the renowned New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2012 and is a popular life model at Dr Sketchy’s, a regularly scheduled artistic drawing event in San Francisco.

She was recently crowned Miss Sinner 2012. See more of her at
Candace Roberts Singer Storyteller At the age of eight Candace glommed onto theater after snatching the highly coveted role of the Virgin Mary in the 3rd grade nativity play. It was just the beginning of what proved to be a long tenure as resident “goody-two-shoes”, including stints as Dorothy, Alice and Little Red Riding Hood. Later, Candace studied music and did social work for a number of years. While accumulating upwards of 763 odd jobs, Candace eventually began making short films and writing songs. She’s been known to sing some jazz out and about, yet in recent years she increasingly finds herself rocking the ever-reliable wedding and funeral circuit amongst family and friends. It has also inspired her next album – “Death’s Greatest Hits.” See more of her at
Jon Allen Comedian Jon had a shitty childhood so now he's a comic, which is Latin for 'asshole', which is true for people who don't bother to look up facts.
Animal Trash Puppeteers The puppet vision of Adam McLaughlin and Ryan Cronin. To get a preview, visit their puppet lair.
La Chica Boom Burlesque Dancer You can catch her making tacos with her panties, giving birth to Hitachi wands, and dominating piñatas at gay bars, theaters, museums, and nightclubs throughout the country. Her work ranges from short acts to full-length escandalos, includes original costuming, and pushes sexual and racial boundaries. She is the founder and producer of Kaleidoscope, National People of Color Cabaret, the first national event dedicated to cabaret and neo-burlesque performers of color in the U.S. La Chica Boom’s special brand of burlesque and ethnic drag have been showcased at The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (SF), The Moisture Circus Festival (SEA), The Burlesque Hall of Fame (Las Vegas), The National Queer Arts Festival (SF), and at MondoHomo (ATL).
Natasha Muse Stand up Comic Natasha Muse is pretty funny, for a comedian ( She began performing in 2002 as “Ginger” at AsiaSF. Her friends claimed she was much too shy to be a good performer, and the fact that they were kinda right didn’t stop her from trying it anyway. She sorta proved them all wrong.

In 2008, Natasha made the leap from lip-synching to stand-up comedy, and began to create a buzz in the San Francisco comedy scene. Her cerebral wit, whimsical wordplay, and unique perspective on life have earned her the adoration of audiences and the respect of her peers. She’s guaranteed to be at least the second-funniest transexual you know.

Natasha performs all over the Bay Area, including Cobb’s Comedy, the SF Punchline, Harvey’s and the Dark Room.

In addition to stand-up, Natasha produces and hosts the monthly underground hit “A Funny Night for Comedy” at the Actors’ Theatre, and the podcast “Too Soon.”

She also writes and performs with the sketch group Femikaze, writes about life as a mom for Queer Landia, and is a force to be reckoned with on Twitter.

Natasha is the winner of the 2010 Battle of the Bay competition, Miss Toolbox 2011, and also took home the Miss Photogenic trophy in Model Search 2004.
Zero Day Zombie Concept Music Storytelling Zero Day Zombie ( was formed in 2012 by Sean Wigglesworth as an outlet for all the weird and sometimes crazy thoughts thoughts that were rattling around inside his head. It quickly became apparent that the music Z.D.Z. was putting down on paper and cell phone recorders were linked together and a theme was emerging. Addiction. It was clear what the mission was at this point, however the means of how and when were foggy.
Ocean's Of Synthetic Sunlight is the first album to be released by Zero Day Zombie, and focuses on the cycle of addiction in a post-hardcore-concept-storytelling format. With local and social media momentum building Z.D.Z. will be a force to be reckoned with in 2013.
Pippi Lovestocking Drag Queen Comedienne Pippi Lovestocking is the drag personae of actor Scot Free of San Francisco.

Originally from a small town in North Carolina just outside of Raleigh, Scot was never the type of kid to hide his light under a bushel. An aspect of his personality that was not embraced by the conservative southern baptist citizenry of his hometown. "I was raised within the church but still turned out gay, must've been all the snake handling" quips Scot when asked about his sexuality.

At the age of 9 Scot's father died suddenly from a heart attack while being treated for an ulcer in a veterans hospital. He was then raised by his mother Joan and five other siblings. "The baby of the family is always the most spoiled" says Scot, when asked how things went during childhood. "I developed a rich fantasy life and always felt that I should be a movie star, but I preferred bitch to butch and would have rather been Joan Collins instead of Harrison Ford".

After squeaking through high school, Scot attended the University of North Carolina in Wilmington where Dino De Laurentiis had built a small film studio. He worked as an extra and stand in on many of the films shot there most notably Blue Velvet directed by David Lynch.

After a taste of the biz Scot felt that he would have more opportunities in the bigger market of Atlanta, GA. Still very young at the time of his arrival in the Peach state he attended Georgia State University and majored in theater. Finally free to be himself in a big city with a large gay population, he also did a lot of partying there. "I was so young and gorgeous back then and I felt that I had to make up for all the partying I didn't do in High school".

Ever the ham he began producing his own television series "Transit Town Truck Stop" starring himself as Pippi. Using the university facilities as well as the local public access station the show became a cult hit. The character of Pippi Lovestocking was based on the stereotypical "child star grows up to be a fuck up" premise.

After moving to San Francisco in the 90's Scot immediately fell into the night club scene and was in various forms of drag whenever out and about. "I just continued to call myself Pippi rather than come up with a new name for every outfit I concocted."

In 1996 he and drag buddy Heklina started the infamous club Trannyshack at the Stud Bar in SOMA. The club continues to this day managed exclusively by Heklina.

Scot still pursues an acting career and has numerous film credits as well as many appearances on Japanese TV. He performs stand up whenever his schedule allows. When asked why he performs as Pippi, He replies "I'm just a garden variety faggot, I only dress in drag so I can feel a little more alienated from the gay community, all this acceptance is hard to take. Besides if I should get lucky and end up famous I'd rather do so in drag than as a regular guy, that way when I don't feel like being 'on' I can just take off my costume and makeup and blend in with the rest of the crowd."
Sydney Sin and the Undead Burlesque Blues Singer Raised in the Bay Area and resurrected from Hell, Sidney Sin sold her soul to entertain. With the voice of an angel and the mind of a sexual deviant, this sultry banshee takes burlesque and stitches it together with wit and revenge. Ms. Sin debuted at Tourettes Without Regrets and can be seen at several local shows, including Seduction Fèroce.
Sheba Queen of the Night Burlesque Dancer Born in a sea of mermaids in New York city but began shakin' it on a stage in Oakland, CA. Sheba, originally from the SF Bay Area, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA but no matter where she is her home is where her art is. Her pasties travel at times, she has performed in Reno, NV, Sacramento, CA, Sebastapool, CA, Long Beach, CA and throughout the greater Los Angeles and SF Bay area. She is inspired by and adores drag queens and drag kings, vaudeville sideshow and is memorized by classic burlesque and old hollywood glamour. Her performance art dazzles and delights with sex-positive kinky themes and her fierce feminist views. You may see her wrapped in furs and sequins or strapped in lace and leather, depending on her mood. She exudes sensuality with every step...luring...conjuring...and will have you purring for more.
Marga Gomez Comedian Marga Gomez, comedian, writer, performer is a triple winner of SF Bay Guardian’s “Best Comedian” award and received Theatre LA’s Ovation. Marga got her comedy start in San Francisco where she honed her high energy, proudly Latina, openly gay, slightly dorky, tragically sexy, laugh getting act. Her television credits include HBO's "Comic Relief" Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival" and LOGO’s "One Night Stand Up."Marga is also the author/ performer of nine solo plays which have been produced nationally, internationally and Off Broadway. Her latest show “Not Getting Any Younger,” received the SF Chronicle’s highest rating in 2011 and ran at the SF Marsh through June 2012.
Cara Tramontano Violinist Cara Tramontano's started in the first grade as a loudmouthed New York Italian suddenly dropped onto a dusty playground in Tucson, Arizona. Now a creature of downtown San Francisco, her hobbies include tour guiding, coffee, and surviving the 30-Stockton. She produces Monday Happy Hour Comedy at Cafe Royale and performs all over the bay area thanks to ZipCar. Cara will embark on a national tour as soon as ZipPlane launches.
Sal Calanni Comedian

Long ago, on the enchanting Cleveland shores of sunny Lake Erie, Sal Calanni contented himself as a bio-med lab assistant cleaning various sizes of rabbit and rat feces. One morning, he woke up feeling unfulfilled, so he decided to pack up his rusty, Chevy Cavalier hooptie, drive beyond the majestic farms of the Midwest, and head for California. He had no job in mind and no place to stay.

His journey ended in San Francisco. And although the picturesque views of the Bay paled in comparison to the waterways of Cleveland, he made it his new home and ended up finding solace in stand up comedy. Over the past few years, he has appeared all over the Bay Area working at the Punch Line Comedy Clubs, Cobb’s Comedy Club, the San Jose Improv and he was also the weekly host at the Sea Biscuit. He has worked with some great performers such as Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Paul Mooney, Charlie Murphy, Robert Schimmel, Bill Burr, Ralphie May, and many more.

He is also a working actor, having booked a role in NBC's "Trauma", national commercials, and films including “Comedy Ain’t for the Money”, “Filter”, and has starred in, co-wrote, and co-produced the upcoming film, “Lucifer’s Crewcut” which includes such talent as Maria Bamford, Arj Barker, Robert Hawkins, Jello Biafra, and GWAR. He is part of the popular San Francisco based comedy sketch group, Four in the Back, was part of the sketch group, Tossing Alice, and the indie punk/grunge band The Hacks.. He and fellow comedian Angelo host a weekly podcast available on iTunes titled, Sal & Angelo.

Sal’s comedy paints pictures to audiences. He enjoys describing his Italian family- well actually Sicilian, lot of people don’t count that as Italian- as he magically morphs in and out of characters expressing his opinions about race, politics, life, and anything else that should probably never be discussed over a bottle of whiskey. See more at

Carl & Beatrice Musicians Carl saw Beatrice first. Or maybe Beatrice found Carl. However it happened (and they probably discovered one another at the exact same time) they are together now.

Creating. Performing. Exchanging haircuts.

See more at
Eric Cash Daredevil I'm a super hero that fights boredom and mediocrity as much as one man can. I yell, kick, scream, and cross the lines of reason, good taste, and sanity for a living. I'm quite proud of it. I do my thing on street corners, in comedy clubs, dive bars, rock venues, and even a junkyard once.
Kaseem Bentley Comedian Named one of the Bay Area's “Top 5 Comedians to Watch” by the San Jose Mercury News and SF Weekly Best of Award Winner for "Racial Humor You Don't Feel Guilty Laughing At" Kaseem Bentley is a African American comic from San Francisco who brings style and class to stand-up comedy with his unique and razor sharp observations. Kaseem Bentley has been steadily making a name for himself across the Bay Area mastering B Rooms, shit holes, and dive bars. Known for his crowd control and style of stand-up comedy he isnt afraid to touch taboo subjects including sex,drugs, politics, or race. His powerful stage presence and receptive persona will quickly shift the vibe of any room and place and leave the audience wanting more. He has performed at the clubs across the Bay Area including the Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, and the San Francisco Punchline.
Allison Daniel Puppeteer Enamored with puppets since a young age, she in the past several years has pursued it as a career. While living in the midwest she would routinely work with many of the major Chicago production houses, recently including Chicago Dramatist's "10 Virgins," and Blair Thomas' production, "The Ox-Herder's Tale". Other Companies she has worked for include The Joffery ballet, The Marriott Theatre of Lincolnshire and Redmoon Theatre. In the spring of 2008 she was nominated for a Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for her Puppet design of “The Nutcracker” with The House Theatre of Chicago. Her Puppets were featured on the 2009 Spring/ Summer issue of Puppetry International in their 40 under 40 issue. The Puppets she builds are as varied as the performances for which they were created. She has built 18” toys, to a six and a half foot tall body puppet, and many in between and beyond. See more at
Maria Affinito Opera Singer The power of her voice defies description.
Jason Gitlin Lost Soul Raised by Jews in an enchanted forest north of Detroit, Jason only recently discovered his talents for making people uncomfortable after a chance encounter with the devil at the crossroads. Though he came away from the deal missing 9/10ths of his soul, he can now play the ukulele and trombone while making mediocre jokes about historical monsters including Hitler, Mao, and of course, Martin Van Buren.
Hernan Cortez Sword Swallower Wow!!! Is the only way to describe this amazing performer. Hernan has more than 20 years amusing children and adults alike with his extraordinary act. He goes beyond what a human body can do and he will show you the magic of the circus brought to the stage! This Daredevil preforms all over the Bay Area and he is definitely a treat to the eyes and the mind!
Francine Dead Burlesque Dancer Francine is the product of Vaudeville, Worker Bee's, and the American Dream. Inspired by classic Hollywood glamour, this Femme fatal intends to ignite you with delight! Brash and passionate Francine has an insatiable thirst for love, beauty and the unknown. This Fire eating, Burlesque performer may appear to have an icy exterior...but watch her work the stage and it is apparent she smolders within. You can see Francine Dead perform from one end of the bay to the other. Weither it be burlesque at RedHots or Fire for Hoodslam, this is an act not to be missed.
Patricia Misery Burlesque Dancer One of the most sensual, sometimes sadistic, burlesque acts around. See more of her here.
Eloisa Bravo Stand Up Comic Crazy comedy is her thing! Eloisa is a spicy Venezuelan that addresses the urban issues of a single woman. Packed with energy and cuteness she will make you laugh, assuming you are lucky enough to understand her accent. She was a semifinalist of Rooster T. Feathers comedy competition (2011) and has performed at the Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, the Palm Beach Improv, the Miami Improv and the Hollywood Improv.
Sam Davidoff Stand Up Comic Sam is a Punch Line favorite, placed 2nd in the 2010 Walk the Plank Comedy Competition and could be Mark Zuckerberg’s long lost twin; David has headlined numerous colleges around the Bay Area, is the winner of the 2009 STC Young Comics Competition and was a “critics’ choice” in the North Bay Bohemian…
Brian Fields Storyteller Dr. Fields (yes, this guy has a PHD) funny, outrageous, and shocking comedy has made him stand out in the San Francisco Comedy scene. He is considered to be the new Lenny Bruce (at least one person said so). He was a Battle of the Bay finalist (2010) and has performed at the Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, and the San Jose Improv.
Adam McLaughlin Puppeteer His clever take on life is at times nerdy but always accessible and hilarious to all. Adam faces all subjects with a unique wit and savvy writing style to create jokes that are clever and insightful while silly and self-deprecating. Four years ago Adam started to go after his other passion Puppets and he has incorporated it to his already hilarious comedy.  Regularly performs at San Francisco’s Purple Onion and Castagnola’s, seen at the Great American Comedy Festival and The San Francisco PunchLine.
Ryan Cronin Puppeteer Bay area based comedian and actor. Finalist in the San Francisco Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition, co-writer & member of Member of Nightlife on Mars and The Stand-Up Project.  To get a preview of Ryan and Adam's puppet empire, visit their puppet lair.
Casey Grim Opera Singer Loud and unleashed, Casey Grim voices her observations with a sharp wit and no regrets and uses her many years of opera training most inappropriately. Her unique style and vivacious energy leave audiences gasping for breath in every venue she performs in. She is a regular in venues all over the bay area and has opened for Michael Meehan. Casey has been seen performing at the legendary Purple Onion, San Jose Improv, San Francisco Punchline, and NYC's Gotham Comedy Club.
Ruby White Burlesque Dancer This lovely lady brings us the art of burlesque to the modern stage. She has been performing for 8 years all over California and she will enchant you with her beauty and elegance.  Her act is sexual and funny at the same time, bringing a full range of emotions to her audience.
Dottie Lux Burlesque Dancer Just like The City By The Bay, Dottie Lux is known for her dizzying hills and dangerous curves. Now calling San Francisco home, Dottie produces the only weekly burlyshow in town, Red Hots Burlesque (every weds and fri). As a performer she's known to cause a ruckus with a horn, shake it up and bring bawdy brouhaha to well known stages like Coney Island Side Show, The Supper Club, Bimbos and at Golden Gate Park with the Outside Lands Music Festival as well as Treasure Island Music Festival with tens of thousands in attendance. Dottie has been featured in Curve Magazine, on the cover of Go Magazine and as host of Reno Gay Pride. Also an educator, she has performed and lectured at YBCA, NYU, Berkeley College and Bard University. New Orleans, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, LA, San Diego, Reno and Seattle have all got a taste of Dottie's chuckles, bumps and grinds. See more at
Ken Townsend Stand Up Comic Hailing from Monkey Junction, North Carolina, Ken has been entertaining audiences with his wit and unique point of view for years. His accent has been described as charming, among other adjectives. He's been a finalist at many comedy competitions, including the Battle of the Bay and the contest for my heart.